Family Law

Family Law

Are you separating from your partner?  Seeking a divorce?  Looking for the best outcome possible for you and your family?  Not sure what you’re entitled to or how to divide your assets?

Family Law is a highly complex field of law and extremely sensitive.  At Stenton & Moore Solicitors we can assist you in a broad range of family and relationship legal matters including:

  • Financial agreements
  • Child support and spousal maintenance
  • Parenting orders & children’s living arrangements
  • De Facto and Same Sex Relationships
  • Divorce applications
  • Property settlements
  • Representation in mediations & settlement negotiations
  • Arbitration and Litigation
  • Domestic Violence applications

The breakdown of a marriage or relationship is hard enough without the pressure of dividing property and assets and the upsetting impact this has on the family as a whole.

At Stenton & Moore Solicitors we strive to reach amicable agreements whilst working to educate and empower you so that you are in control with regards to your family matter.

Mediation is an effective way of reaching an agreement without the expense, stress and heartache of having to go to court and reaching sound, rational solutions to family law problems is one of our best assets.  Remembering that the welfare of your family and your family’s assets are at stake, we focus on the big picture.

Sometimes going to Court is the only option.  If the matter cannot be resolved with alternate dispute resolution, our skilled team will assist and guide you through the Court system with determination and passion.